Why use a travel agent?

You think travel agents are a thing of the past… think again!

Just as the Internet has given us all the options and tools needed to plan our vacations, it has bombarded us with so much information that trip planning has become time-consuming, frustrating, and a never-ending search for the best deal. And considering the amount of money that people are investing in today’s vacations, why would anyone spend their hard-earned dollars and “take a chance” that they have chosen the right getaway for their family.

The more I learn about the travel industry, the more I believe in the importance of using a travel professional! I got into this business a little over four years ago, wondering the same thing that many of you do about travel agents. Do they even exist anymore? Aren’t they a dying breed? Why would you need a travel agent these days? Where do you find one if you wanted to?

Just like many travel agents today, I am a home-based entrepreneur and independent contractor of a host agency. In other words, I work with clients to plan their vacations and my host agency handles back office support for my business. What my host agency also offers is large network of travel agents nationwide who have “been there, done that” and can speak to specific resorts, cruises, tours, etc. if it’s an area I have not yet had the pleasure to visit. In addition, it offers a network of reputable travel suppliers who often include special values to my clients simply because of the amount of business that my host agency brings to them.

Finally, it’s all about the training. It’s being able to learn what truly makes a destination special, finding out how to distinguish between different vacation opportunities, realizing that different cruise lines and tour companies each cater to a specific audience, discovering those unique activities that enhance the overall experience, understanding that true “value” isn’t always the least expensive option, and determining all the logistics involved in making a vacation stress-free and easy for the client.

Check out the graphic at the right to discover the Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent… and save your sanity when planning your next vacation!